RPSOM is a 2 year program. Each year is broken up into trimesters totaling 6 segments all together. Each trimester consists of 3 classes, totaling 9 classes each year (18 classes total). Upon finishing 1st and 2nd Year, students may apply to be evaluated to be an intern at Resting Place.


We meet three evenings a week. Students have the flexibility to choose to commit to one, two, or three nights per week.


1st Year will be an introductory time of education and training. Once students join 1st year, they must complete the first years course load in order to graduate. 2nd Year will be an opportunity for students to help lead. Once students start 2nd year, they must also complete the full years course load in order to graduate.




Resting Place is characterized by worship and intercession, the presence of God, family, revival, miracles, healings, and honor. We feel this is a God-ordained time for us to grow as a family with passion for people, our region and our world. These core values have been shaped by our history and leadership. If your heart is burning, join us for one of our 3 month trimesters or partner with us long term for 1 or 2 years.


Our goal is to help develop your supernatural giftings and God given identity in the Lord Jesus Christ, Father God, and Holy Spirit in the context of Resting Place DNA as a House of Prayer and Revival Center. If you are on fire for God, come burn with us!



Sundays: 5:30–10pm

Mondays: 5:30–10pm

Tuesdays: 5:30–10pm



We believe in authentic community with a lifestyle of fasting and prayer centered around His presence. Students and leaders get together as a community for encouragement, strengthening, and simply to laugh and have fun together.




RPSOM is for each person to give themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord in this season. The Prayer Room will be a “classroom” for this, so that students may thrust themselves into the heart of God, coupling it with anointed teaching of the Word and training in biblical studies.


We will have three classes during each trimester with a total of 18 individual classes being taught between 1st and 2nd Year. The classes will be focusing on our heartbeat, our culture, Resting Place DNA, and Biblical foundation.




One of the most essential parts of the School is the time we spend ministering before the Lord as priests, and as intercessors, standing on the wall making our petition before God. Encounter God Services (EGS) occur at 7:30pm every Monday night, and all students are required to attend.